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This is a page where you can recount your Viagra experience. Share with others how Viagra helped you to conquer Erectile Dysfunction and recharge your sex life.


Story # 1

The Added Benefit of Multiple Encounters
I am 62 years old. After undergoing prostrate surgery, I was facing difficulty in achieving a firm erection. My sex life was being affected. My wife was understanding and never complained. But I was also dissatisfied. My doctor recommended a starting dose of 25 mg of Viagra. Believe me, Viagra not only enabled me to get a firm erection but also enabled me to have multiple encounters after a single dose.
Robert, Florida


Story# 2

Regained My Sex Life
I had a satisfying sex life until ED struck. I read an article about how Viagra treats ED. After my check-up, I asked the doctor about ED and Viagra. He prescribed Viagra for me. I didn't tell my wife at first; wanting to find out if she could make out the difference. The next time we had intercourse, my wife just loved it. The fact that my erection was harder and longer and bigger than it had ever been before made her wonder whether I had taken Viagra or not. The confidence which Viagra has given me is amazing. Moreover, my wife has also gotten more interested in sex as a result.
James, CA


Story# 3

I feel young again
I had a spinal injury and had a disc removed. I could not maintain an erection as a result of the surgery. Sex was not satisfying in any position but my wife never complained. I could feel that our relationship was suffering and I decided to seek treatment. When I told my doctor of the problem, he gave me a sample pack of Viagra and I tried it. Viagra worked and I achieved a firmer erection. I was able to satisfy my wife not only in the missionary position but in other positions as well. The following morning I was ready, willing and able to go for round 2. I feel like a young man again and Viagra has just worked great for me.
Martin, Washington


Story# 4

Romance is back in my life
For quite some time, I was experiencing difficulty in maintaining an erection. I used to think that ED was for guys who couldn't get erect at all. My problem was that I could get an erection, I could not maintain it. As result, I could successfully complete intercourse. I consulted a doctor for my problem and the doctor put me on a dose of Viagra. I experienced side effects like a mild headache and nasal congestion. But Sex was just great. I stayed hard longer than ever and moreover, I can get hard again in about 15-20 minutes after climax. Thanks to Viagra, romance is back in life again.
Steve, LA


Story# 5

Sex again after 5 years

I have been suffering from total ED (Erectile Dysfunction) for the past 5 years. I used to dread the dating scene due to my problem. I recently met someone younger than me and who is very interested in sex, I decided to seek treatment. I now use Viagra with terrific results. I still suffer ED without Viagra but with 25 or 50 mg, my erections are very firm, the size seems to be much increased and I ejaculate with tremendous force and volume. I am having great sex on a regular basis for the first time in some 5 years.

David, LA

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