Understanding Male Sexuality


Sexual chemistry is real

Sexual fulfillment can provide ultimate joy in shared intimacy, orgasm and emotion. Sexual chemistry is different for men and women.

Male Sexual experience goes in stages:


Men respond incredibly to visual stimuli. For men, desire and arousal may begin by just the sight of a beautiful woman. The messages are transmitted to the portion of the brain dedicated to sexual response. As soon as a man feels desire his hypothalamus gland, deep in the center of the brain, gathers incoming sensory perceptions of sight, smell, and touch. It sends out nerve signals, telling his pituitary gland to make hormones that initiate sexual arousal. A man's entire body begins to interact with the hypothalamus to initiate the responses needed for lovemaking.


Male hormones are releases in response to his senses. His nervous system sends blood to his pelvis. His blood and tissues heat up and become very sensitive. Adrenaline makes his heart beat faster. His pulse races; he breathes deeper, taking in more oxygen. His penis may begin to secrete a little preparatory fluid indicating that he is ready.


Sexual Stamina
A man's brain responds by releasing endorphins and he feels even more pleasure. Stimulation of his penis ultimately leads to orgasm. The length of time it takes to reach orgasm depends on a number of factors, but physical stamina is crucial to a longer lasting erection.


This is important! Men need frequent erections - and ejaculations to recharge his sexual batteries. A healthy young male body ensures that his penis gets enough blood flow by triggering nocturnal erections an average of two to three hours' worth every night! With each successive decade of life, however, nighttime erections become less frequent. So it is even more important to have regular waking erections. Best results in tests - at least three a week.


Arousal, Erection and Ejaculation
These sexual responses are interrelated but any of these events can occur in the absence of the others. Normally, however, arousal is followed by erection. An erection of the penis occurs as the spongy tissues of the penis are engorged with blood. With practice, a man can learn a degree of control over the point when he proceeds to orgasm and ejaculation. Some men believe that male orgasm invariably results in ejaculation, but this is not entirely true.


Sexual Tension and Sexual Feelings
A lot of men focus on orgasm and ejaculation. Because of this many men do not fully notice the sexually-related sensations prior to orgasm. As a result, many men do not fully appreciate or even experience these sensations. Fully recognizing this and fully taking advantage of these sensations and psychological urges in an effort to more completely enjoy them for a longer period of time without moving directly forward to orgasm is something that most men must learn. But the results are well worth the effort, both in terms of the man's own enjoyment as well as for the benefit and enjoyment of a sexual partner.

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