Talk to Your Partner


Your Personal Life: ED affects personal relationships  



When a man has ED, both partners are affected. This can lead to behavior that is destructive to the individuals and their relationship.


How to talk to your man about ED?
There is no one "correct way" to initiate discussion with a partner about ED. How we approach this topic may depend on the nature of the relationship, as well as the personalities involved.


Talk to your partner


Step 1: Get to know about ED
Erectile dysfunction is a complex condition that can stem from many causes. It is also a highly treatable condition with a variety of treatment options. Try to understand what erectile dysfunction is all about. The more you know about it, the better you will be able to cope with it and help your partner overcome it.


Step 2: Talk to your partner
By talking to your partner, you can help relieve pressure and anxiety that both your partner and you may be feeling over his ED.



Step 3: Get treatment
There are therapies available for treating almost all cases of impotence. Treatments for physical ED focus on overcoming circulation and nerve problems that might be caused by disease or injury. These range from drugs such as Viagra®, to penile implants and vacuum erection devices and more. For psychological causes of impotence, therapy and counseling may help.

If your partner has ED, you will play a part in his therapy. You may be involved in selecting the best treatment for the cause of his impotence (because the type of treatment can have an effect on your renewed sex life). You and your partner may receive help repairing your relationship.

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