Sexual Fantasies


Understanding Sexual Fantasies
Our attitude toward sex is often influenced by messages we received growing up. We are influenced by how adults expressed affection, the sexual behavior of adults around us, the early messages we received about sex (verbal and non-verbal) and the position of our religion and attitude of our culture toward sex .


Approach to sexuality differs

Our approach to sexuality differs. Our sexual orientation varies just as what turns us on and turns us off. Our level of desire also varies: Some people are easily aroused and would like to have sex more; others less. People also attribute different meanings to sexual thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and what we consider "normal" varies significantly.


Sexual Fantasy
Indulging in a sexual fantasy enables us to explore things internally that we may decide not to act upon. A sexual fantasy serves as a purpose of exploration; helps us escape from the frustrations of daily life; can enhance an intimate relationship; and enable us to rehearse situations, and so can boost our self-confidence.

Sexual fantasies may conflict with established values, seem outlandish or exaggerated when viewed rationally. Generally speaking, sexual fantasies function to decrease anxiety about sex and increase sexual interest and arousal.


Male and Female Sexual Fantasies
Actually, men's and women's fantasies are more alike than different. Both sexes fantasize most often, for instance, about being intimate with their current partner. Men's fantasies are more visual and get to the sex acts more quickly. Women's involve more foreplay and more tactile stimulation. Women's fantasies tend to focus in on the relationship dynamics between characters, while men's are more often about impersonal sexual escapades.


Men's sexual fantasies:



Women's sexual fantasies:


Be cautious about sharing fantasies
Fantasies are extremely personal. There are risks involved in disclosing them, especially to someone you care for. Sharing fantasies can be liberating, but it's risky. Talk to your partner first about the general theme, then approach with caution. Consider how you'll manage if they don't like your fantasy or if you try acting it out and it just doesn't work.


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