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Viagra being used as a Recreational Drug: Is Pfizer Responsible?


Viagra has proved to be the #1 pill for erectile dysfunction (ED) problems. ED is the most common problem among men, and with growing age a person is more prone to get affected by ED...


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Date : May 28, 2015


Viagra has proved to be the #1 pill for erectile dysfunction (ED) problems. ED is the most common problem among men, and with growing age a person is more prone to get affected by ED. About 30 million men in America are suffering from ED, but the pill is used by more than the number suggested above, as Viagra pill is also used by people for recreational use. But is Pfizer the maker of this pill to be blamed for this misuse of Viagra?

A study is showing that recreational use of Viagra is growing rapidly in men under 45 years of age. From 1998 to 2002, the use of Viagra in men below the age of forty five tripled, says the study, which looked at 5 million insured American males. What this study indicates is that Viagra is being used as a recreational drug, not as a drug to treat a medical condition

If people are using drug not only for the interest of the health but also for recreational use, then it's really hard for a company to restrict sales of the drug to those who don't medically need the drug. It's hard to identify the users and to know the underlying interest of these individuals for taking this drug. Also, keeping a check on each and every individual is not so easy. So is it right to blame Pfizer for abuse of Viagra for recreational purpose by certain users?

As it's said in many articles that what matters to the company is to earn profits regardless of how it's used. And the company seems happy to sell the drug to all segment of society, where the drug eventually ends up in the hands of men as young as 18, who are using the drug recreationally. But is it right to blame the company for it? Pfizer clearly states that Viagra is meant for the men suffering from erectile dysfunction problem, and if anyone uses it for recreational purpose then it is his personal responsibility.

Viagra is becoming very common among younger generation, as some feels that it enhances the sexual performance. So ultimately it becomes an individual's responsibility to decide whether he needs such a drug for sexual enhancement or not. Pfizer plays no role when it comes to the end users.

If you use e-mail, you've probably also noticed that you get quite a bit of e-mail spam in your inbox that offers Viagra for sale at throw-away prices. Microsoft and Pfizer have taken legal actions against spammers and tried to educate the users through their website advocating the difference between genuine Viagra and counterfeit Viagra. They have also blacklisted and banned IPs of many sites promoting Viagra through unfair means. But when it comes to the end-users, then Pfizer is not to be blamed for misleading people who succumb to the spam mails and other online gimmicks. Furthermore, every man has a separate reason for the use of drug.

It has been seen many times that due to some accidents or some physical problem if a man loses his sexual capability, then he will definitely use something for his better performance. To find the lost libido, people are willing to try even if they don't fall in the category of the ones who should use it. Also, they would like to mix it with poppers and other drugs to get high and achieve momentary bliss of carnal satisfaction. Pfizer can not be a watchdog of the society which is willing to experiment wonder blue pill Viagra even at the cost of their lives.


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