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Preparing for Male Menopause with Viagra


When women prepare themselves for the painful stretch of menopause in their early 50's, men today get ready to cope with what they term as Male Menopause. You can experience it as early as 35 or...


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Date : May 26, 2016


When women prepare themselves for the painful stretch of menopause in their early 50's, men today get ready to cope with what they term as Male Menopause. You can experience it as early as 35 or as late as 65 when hormonal, physiological and chemical changes affect your sexual performance continuously. This is where Viagra comes into effect and helps you regain the confidence and satisfaction you had lost.


Male Menopause also known as Viropause or Andropause describes decrease in male hormone levels a little after middle age, resulting in depression, low libido and anxiety. The reduction in the hormone- testosterone is responsible for Menopause. From then on testosterone levels drop at a rate of 1% every year. These changes affect many aspect of a man's life.


Symptoms of Male Menopause


" longer time needed to recover from wounds and illnesses
" less stamina for physical activity
" difficulty in reading small prints
" disturbances in sleep patterns
" weight gain
" irritability, anxiety, depression and fear
" low self confidence
" feeling lonely, forgetfulness and loss of purpose in life


Sexual symptoms


" loss of interest in sex
" feeling of being impotent
" problems in relationships leading to fights over sex and love
" loss of erection


Let's say good bye to Male Menopause


Male menopause is a highly debated topic as researchers are still not sure whether any condition called this actually exists. But due to the noted sexual changes in men and the difficulty they have in attaining an erection after a certain period, we shall go by the theories which say that Male menopause has to be dealt wisely.


The Testosterone therapy


Men who face problems like erectile dysfunction, low sex drive, depression, increased breast size etc suffer from low testosterone in their body. As treatment, earlier doctors prescribed synthetic testosterone once every three weeks to patients. But when this was not hitting the bull's eye, they resorted to a gel called Androgel. A consistent level of testosterone is supplied to the blood and there are no emotional and physical side effects for the gel. Testosterone treatment therapy can be prescribed in the form of injections, gels, patches, and oral medications. Your doctor will be able to recommend the therapy that is best suited for your body

Why Viagra?


Research shows, it is safe and easy to treat erectile dysfunction and low testosterone levels in men with Viagra. It is considered safer than the testosterone treatments. Treatments of this kind is said to have harmful effects on the cardiovascular, prostrate and mental functioning of the body. It is a risk that you take in your middle age. When drugs, especially Viagra stress on the treatment of erectile disorder, with lesser side effects, lower complications and good results how many men would attempt a testosterone treatment? Besides, Male menopause is not an illness. It is both, a physiological and psychological disorder which should be treated with more mental strength and little medication. And Viagra fits perfectly in to this slot.


Viagra improves a man's physical response to stimulation. With its effect lasting up to 4 hours, there is enough time for foreplay and stimulation which will make sex easier for men with this erectile disorder.


So when you quit your first adulthood to join your second one, carry Viagra along as the best cure for your lack of confidence, anxiety and erectile disorders. Be smart and think that the best is yet to come.


Pamper yourself. Contain the menopause


" Eat well and be healthy. Lots of grains, vegetables, fruits, lean meat, beans, tofu etc keeps you active
" Regular exercises can work wonders. Walking, jogging, aerobics or playing any sport will do you good
" Take vitamins and supplements for health
" Don't hesitate to meet a doctor. As you age, regular check ups is a must
" Give no space to stress and worry in your life. Yoga classes or work outs will help you relive stress
" Broaden your views and give importance to friendships, intimacy, love and spirituality in your second adulthood


Though many believe that Male menopause marks the end of active sexual life in men, you can make a difference and prove that it is the road which leads to a more passionate and purposeful time in one's life. Together with your partner, you can begin a wonderful journey all over again.



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