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Viagra V/s Herbal Viagra


Since the advent of Viagra, sex is no more a taboo topic. People are more educated now on male impotence and erectile dysfunction (ED) related problem. There are many herbal and generic Viagra products...


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Date : May 22, 2015


Since the advent of Viagra, sex is no more a taboo topic. People are more educated now on male impotence and erectile dysfunction (ED) related problem. There are many herbal and generic Viagra products flooding the market and misguiding the people with false promises. Does herbal Viagra really work? Is it a better substitute for Viagra?


For Erectile dysfunction, Viagra is the most popular pill taken by men today. Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability to achieve an erection. Hormonal imbalances, nutritional or lifestyle issues and vascular diseases are considered to be the main causes for the dysfunction.


Viagra pills are very common nowadays. You will easily find it in places where products related to natural treatments for curing erectile dysfunction are displayed. Many products that contain a number of natural aphrodisiacs have proven effective in increasing sexual desire and in helping cure erectile dysfunction. But is this true?


It is rumored that Viagra is popular due to its intense advertising or promotional strategies which is often accompanied by the hype. But many healthcare sites support Viagra and say that they do not encourage any kind of Herbal alternatives for Viagra. These supplements can be harmful and it may have many side effects too. They call it fake Viagra.


ED may stem from physical or psychological issues or a combination of both factors. It doesn't mean that men lack desire or sexual interest but it is a consistent inability to maintain an erection to have satisfactory sex. It has also been noted that the risk of erectile dysfunction increases with age.

Men in their 40's who report occasional problems getting and maintaining an erection adds up to 40% and 52% of men between ages 40 and 70 report erection problems.

Men in their 70's, reporting erection problems contribute to 70% of their population.


So the figure above aptly suggests that with increasing age the chances of facing erectile dysfunction problem are higher. In this case whether any herbal supplement can cure ED as well as increase the sex drive is highly debatable. Also, herbal treatments aren't regulated by US Food & Drug Administration (FDA).


Herbal supplements claim natural herbs to be the main ingredients in their products. The most common ingredients cited in these products are mostly yohimbe, ginseng, and ginkgo biloba. Researchers say that Yohimbe can cause headaches, sweating, and high blood pressure, making it inappropriate for patients with heart and neurological diseases. Reports of diarrhea, vomiting, headaches and allergic skin reactions have been linked to gingko biloba.

Ramesh Thurairaja of the urology department at England's Bristol Royal Infirmary and other researchers showed concern over the Herbal supplements marketed as ED treatment solutions. They noticed traces of active and potentially dangerous compounds in these products.


Researchers even say that "Indeed, many risk factors for developing sexual dysfunction are shared by coronary artery disease, age, smoking, diabetes, hypertension and hyperlipidemia. In men, several cardiac drugs are accountable for erectile dysfunction and treatment of ED may be associated with cardiovascular side effects." So are these Herbal alternatives good for curing the root cause of ED?


A recent study suggests that Viagra prevents anti-cancer drug induced heart damages. Commonwealth University researchers have found that the popular impotence drug Viagra prevents damage to the heart from a potent chemotherapeutic agent frequently used in the treatment of breast cancer, leukemia and sarcomas. Also, Viagra has been associated with hypertensive pregnancies. This came to light as the drug Viagra produced some very significant and beneficial effects on pregnancy-induced vascular adaptation and fetal outcome according to a study conducted in US. Viagra is also used in treating high blood pressure.


Finally, the decision has to be yours. Whether a popular Viagra drug will be helpful or herbal supplements marketed may prove effective. This purely depends on your needs and your reliable sources of information. Sexual desires which grow in you can be enhanced by medications, sex toys, liquids available in the market and many other products. But it is you who should decide on the most reliable product to purchase, use and feel satisfied.


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