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Viagra and Poppers


It's dangerous to mix Viagra and poppers. Poppers are a slang term for any of the small bottles of liquid nitrates that you find at adult book stores. Many people like to open the bottle during sexual intercourse...


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Date : May 22, 2015


It's dangerous to mix Viagra and poppers. Poppers are a slang term for any of the small bottles of liquid nitrates that you find at adult book stores. Many people like to open the bottle during sexual intercourse, hold it under the nose, inhale, and enjoy intense sexual sensations for 2-3 minutes. Many people can even get a headache with it.

Poppers are the popular name for various alkyl nitrites, including isobutyl nitrite, butyl nitrite, and amyl nitrite. Doctors used to prescribe amyl nitrite for heart patients in capsules that were broken or popped to release vapors.

It is used by sniffing the vapors from an open bottle. The effects are felt within a few seconds and last for 1-2 minutes. Poppers cause muscles around blood vessels to relax, making your heart speed up to pump more blood. Because poppers cause muscles in the anus and vagina to relax, they are often used during sex. Some people experience headaches, sensations of spinning or falling, and loss of erection.

Some medical professionals warn that using poppers and Viagra simultaneously can lead to dangerously low blood pressure, stroke, heart attack or death. Poppers, liquid amyl nitrate or butyl nitrate found in small brown bottles, are often sold under the guise of video head cleaner and can be found at gay novelty stores, bars, adult video stores, bath houses and on the Internet.

People use poppers for increasing there sexual performance, or to get an sexual desires, and for further improvement often take these poppers with Viagra.Men and women, gays and straights nowadays use poppers to enhance orgasms and anal sex, for masturbation, for a trance-like state of dancing and for identity: poppers are sold as 'room odorants' or liquid aromas and are sometimes also used as such. They are clear yellowish liquids with a sweet smell when fresh. Some have described it as smelling like old gym socks, or like a men's locker room, once a bottle begins to degrade.

The combination of Viagra and poppers is dangerous because the two drugs affect the human body in about the same way, lowering a person's blood pressure, according to Dr. Jeffrey Klausner, the director of sexually transmitted disease prevention at the San Francisco Health Department.

Alkyl nitrates relax the body's smooth muscle tissue while enlarging blood vessels, Klausner said.

"The vessels get larger and that lowers your blood pressure and that lowers the amount of blood that goes through your heart and into your brain," he said.

"That's what the amyl nitrate does, and that's a similar mechanism to what the Viagra does. It improves blood flow to the penis. So these two things, working in a similar way, cause an overdose of this effect and people have extremely low blood pressure," he said.

The drop in blood pressure sometimes provides enough of a scare to prompt users to shy away from the combination.

A person can even die if they mix the Viagra with these poppers, since the poppers include heavy nitrate content and this could be the most damaging thing. Since person having medicines with nitrate content are not advised to have Viagra and using Viagra and poppers simultaneously can be dangerous.

Just to have more intimacy during sexual pleasure, if you mix Viagra with poppers it can cause death also.


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